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Music productions


Wessel van Wijk (a.k.a. DSTRQT)

Do you recognize the following? When you have an entrepreneurial life focussed on lot’s of businesses and get no spare time to work on music productions. But you still want a professional music track with your DJ name and all rights of a track. Or maybe you are not into music but still want your own music track. Then you are here at the right place.

Music is the key to new exploration.

DSTRQT is able to offer ghost productions for company’s and individuals. The term ‘ghost production’ means that another music producer (in this case DSTRQT) will produce music for a client with keeping his/her own name.

To request a production you only have to explain to DSTRQT what music genre you would like to have, additional wishes and reference music song(s).

What music genres does DSTRQT make?

  • Pop/Radio
  • Tech-House
  • Deep House
  • EDM
  • Commercials/TV/films music

Which advantages do you get as buyer?

  • 100% rights of the music after buying it.
  • Able to sign the production on music labels.
  • Project file, Stems, WAV/MP3.
  • Not very expensive deals.

Interested in getting your music production dedicated to your wishes?

Fill out the following form or send your mail to:

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