Dear music lovers,

In the last month(s), almost everyone faced the virus COVID-19. A major global crisis that endangers our health. In addition, business has fallen into a financial trough, including the cultural sector.

Performances are suspended for a longer period of time, which gave me the idea to create more content digitally. First, I’m going to throw a blog online for the next few months. Here I will give tips and advice on producing music. Second, I will be releasing a lot of music on digital platforms like iTunes and Spotify. And finally I will try to make Youtube content, by uploading videos on my channel. My goal is to connect people to the music through online content.

I hope to offer everyone interesting and informative content in this way. My message for everyone is: take care of yourself and other people in the near future. Together we can beat COVID-19 / Corona virus. Remember, health always comes first.

Kind Regards,



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